Telling a good story with artists Mark E. Flowers & Kristy Higby of Mountain Tea Studios

Nathan sits down with artists Mark E. Flowers and Kristy Higby of Mountain Tea Studios for the 72nd episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about why the places you go in life are determined where you get A’s, why now is the best time to get into a career in arts, why to be an artist today is […]

Learning to speak with Michelle Baker author of The Canoe

Nathan sits down with Michelle Baker author, artist, photographer, and creativity consultant for the 71st episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about her new book The Canoe, growing up in a funeral director family, how a dream to become a photographer landed her a computer-programming career, why a fact about how many women authors actually submit op-ed pieces […]

Finding artistic voice by trusting intuition with artist Phil Cheney

Nathan sits down with Phil Cheney artist and co-owner of Cheney Graphics Custom Screen Printing and Signs for the 70th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about growing up in South Florida, why finding your artistic voice amounts to trusting your intuition, why he passed on the opportunity to do his own animated television show based on his […]

Real vs imagined fear with Sara Day Evans of Accelerating Appalachia

Nathan sits down with Sara Day Evans owner of Accelerating Appalachia for the 69th episode of the Finding Asheville podcast. They chat about how she found music early on in life, why she walked away from a music-recording contract, what all is involved with the Accelerating Appalachia process, why business prosperity in the South will require more than a resurgence […]