Bury Me Naturally

This week we spoke to Carol Motley, the owner of Bury Me Naturally, who told us about the different ways to dispose of our mortal shells once we’re gone. We discuss her company, which uses biodegradable coffins, no embalming fluid, and costs much less than traditional burials. We also talk about the origins of preserving […]

Humans VS Zombies: Bonus Episode

For our “sorry for being silent so long” bonus episode we spoke to Leah Kline. Leah is the organizer for the HVZ (Humans Versus Zombies) game in Waynesville this upcoming Tuesday. We try to stick to Asheville, but come on. What is HvZ? It’s shooting real (Nerf) guns at real (not real) zombies! Leah gives […]

Debauchery Abounds: 2-4-8 Podcast

A while back we told you we were going to try to do some “crossover” episodes with other local podcasts. the guys from 2-4-8 Podcast were nice enough to extend an olive branch and have us on their show. After weeks of scheduling issues, we finally got to repay the favor and have them on […]