How The Podcast Started

The Finding Asheville podcast is an hour long interview show featuring local Asheville artists, entrepreneurs, and chefs that started in September of 2013. The podcast’s hosts Emily Trimnal and Benny Whitaker chat with guests about how they arrived in Asheville, N.C. and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in WNC. Finding Asheville Founder Nathan Miller spent two years growing the podcast before handing it off to Emily and Benny in mid 2015.

Nathan was inspired to do the show after running across what is known as the Asheville curse.  The Asheville curse according to Urban Dictionary is “The given name to the effect that moving to Asheville, NC has on any unknowing individual. It completely reverses high hopes and aspirations into a complete and total acceptance of mediocrity. The unknowing victim is completely ok with this transformation. Only those who have moved away understand its effects and become immune to the curse.”

The podcast has been called ‘honest’ ‘real’ and ‘a must listen for every entrepreneur, even if they don’t live in Asheville.’ The Finding Asheville podcast currently receives thousands of downloads weekly and a new episode is released every Friday.

Meet Emily and Benny

Emily Trimnal is the founder and owner of AshevilleBlog.com, a hyper local media outlet based in Asheville, North Carolina. AshevilleBlog focuses on information those who live, love, and work in Asheville want to know, and shies away from tourism based, political, and religious content. A quickly growing media outlet whose unbiased reporting has grown a dedicated following, AshevilleBlog decided to take on Finding Asheville when Nathan was unable to continue the project.

Benny Whitaker is considered to be a member of the rare and endangered group known as “a native to Western North Carolina.” He is a staff writer for AshevilleBlog.com, an unapologetic geek, has watched hundreds of award winning movies, and read dozens of New York Times bestsellers.