From Asheville To Sweden

We’re back! We took a mini summer vacation, but Finding Asheville is back with a fascinating new episode. While Benny plays at the beach, Emily and guest co-host Janet sit down with our guests for the week. Elizabeth McGuire and Lina Eriksson are a couple living in Sweden. Liz is a writer – formerly of the […]

100th Episode Celebration, and an Islamic Education

Over two years ago Nathan Miller started the Finding Asheville podcast. Unfortunately Nathan had to move away, but Benny and Emily have tried to keep this wonderful program alive. Today is Finding Asheville’s landmark one hundredth episode. We got a bit more serious than usual for our hundredth and spoke to Mohammad Taha, the Imam (spiritual leader) […]

Replace Smoking With Healthier Habits: The Vape Episode

On this belated episode of Finding Asheville, hosts Benny Whitaker and Emily Trimnal sit down with Curtis Sluder. Curtis, a longtime smoker, had to suddenly give up his habit for health reasons a few years ago. Quitting smoking is hard, and replacing old habits with new ones is half the battle. Curtis got into the […]

Red Pill, Misogyny, and Waking Life: How A Community Came Together

On September 19th, the Asheville community was set aback when misogynistic blogs, podcasts, and a tweets were discovered to belong to the owners of Waking Life Espresso. Waking Life has been a staple in the West Asheville community since the doors to the upper class coffee shop opened six years ago. We sat down with […]