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Elixir of Love

It’s been close to a year but finally Finding Asheville has a brand new episode! This week Jon Truitt and Michael Ciavaglia sit down with us to talk about the Asheville Lyric Opera and their upcoming show Elixer of Love. What’s a good opera for beginners? What’s the connection between opera and Darth Vader? And […]

The People’s Interactive Network

This week on Finding Asheville, we spend a little time with one of the busiest women in Buncombe County. NuAnna Horn talks to us about the many different hats she wears as she juggles multiple jobs and charities. NuAnna is founder of The People’s Interactive network, a local not for profit whose goal is “To bridge […]

Asheville Mind Reader Michael Spremulli

This week we spoke with Michael “The Asheville Mindreader” Spremulli about his upcoming show at the North Carolina Stage Company, and what it’s like being a mindreader. Growing up with severe eyesight problems, Michael’s other senses were heightened, including his gut instincts which leads to some interesting moments on stage. Using a combination of intuition […]

Robin Vabolis: Western North Carolina Advocacy League

For over a year, Western North Carolina Advocacy League (WNCAL) has been helping people in need; with anything from repairing a wheelchair ramp to mediating court cases. This week’s guest on Finding Asheville is Robin Vabolis, founder of WNCAL. Robin tells us about how this grassroots not-for-profit originated, what the future holds for WNCAL, and […]

Ashes To Asheville

A divorced artist leaves California and moves to Asheville. Around the same time, an author and his wife leaves California and moves to Asheville. The difference, besides relationship status, is one is a fictional character and one isn’t. N. John Shore, Jr. is the author of the “real time serial novel” Ashes to Asheville which […]

Appalachian Pi

In our latest local podcast crossover we speak to Blaine Kerr, host of Appalachian Pi. Blaine tells us about how he does things on his show; how it all got started; how it almost ended before it began, and about what the future may hold for all of the WNC area podcasts. Blaine is the […]

The ZuZu Welsh Band

Eighteen months ago Zuzu Welsh made a change and started his own band. He has been on a whirlwind tour of WNC ever since. With two CD’s out and a third almost ready we’re grateful he made some time to talk to us. The Zuzu Welsh Band is comprised of Dana Koone on drums, percussion […]

Debauchery Abounds: 2-4-8 Podcast

A while back we told you we were going to try to do some “crossover” episodes with other local podcasts. the guys from 2-4-8 Podcast were nice enough to extend an olive branch and have us on their show. After weeks of scheduling issues, we finally got to repay the favor and have them on […]

You’re A Wizard Harry!

Hold on to your broomsticks! This week we spoke with Katie L, the founder of Asheville’s chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. The Harry Potter Alliance is: “changing the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, [the HPA] engaged millions of fans through our work for equality, human rights, and […]

Replace Smoking With Healthier Habits: The Vape Episode

On this belated episode of Finding Asheville, hosts Benny Whitaker and Emily Trimnal sit down with Curtis Sluder. Curtis, a longtime smoker, had to suddenly give up his habit for health reasons a few years ago. Quitting smoking is hard, and replacing old habits with new ones is half the battle. Curtis got into the […]

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