From Asheville To Sweden

We’re back! We took a mini summer vacation, but Finding Asheville is back with a fascinating new episode. While Benny plays at the beach, Emily and guest co-host Janet sit down with our guests for the week. Elizabeth McGuire and Lina Eriksson are a couple living in Sweden. Liz is a writer – formerly of the […]

Tell Me A Story

When you think of storytelling, you probably picture people sitting around a campfire trading tall tales of action, adventure, horror, or even comedy. That type of entertainment is as old as mankind itself, and continues to this day. This week we spoke to professional storyteller David Joe Miller. David tell us what it’s like to […]

Things Get Waxy: West Asheville Exchange

New in town? From here, but looking for a job or trying to sell something? Or maybe you just want to see over twenty thousand people yell at someone who parks badly. For over two years now West Asheville Exchange, or WAX, has been the Facebook group to find all of that and more. This […]

Episode 91: Get To Know Your Hosts

Finding Asheville was originally created and curated by Nathan Miller. Over a course of two years Nathan interviewed, cataloged, and took painstaking efforts to create a high quality podcast that spoke to the hearts of Asheville, and Western North Carolina. When Nathan took a job that required him to move, Emily Trimnal and Benny Whitaker […]

Sloths, DVD rentals, and retro games: Marc McCloud of Orbit DVD

For over a decade, Orbit DVD has steadily grown from a small movie rental store to one that boasts retro video games, comics, books, t-shirts, pop culture items, and more. Marc McCloud sits down with Emily Trimnal and Benny Whitaker to discuss what it is like to be one of just over 1,000 independent video […]