The People’s Interactive Network

This week on Finding Asheville, we spend a little time with one of the busiest women in Buncombe County. NuAnna Horn talks to us about the many different hats she wears as she juggles multiple jobs and charities. NuAnna is founder of The People’s Interactive network, a local not for profit whose goal is “To bridge […]

Alia Todd of the Asheville Sustainable Restaurant Workforce

This week we talk to Alia Todd. Alia played a big part in Tupalo Honey Cafe’s decision to bring back up the wages of the popular restaurants back staff after dramatically decreasing them from $5.13/hr to $2.13. A veteran of the service industry, Alia is a co-founder of the new organization, Asheville Sustainable Restaurant Workforce. She […]

The First of Its Kind: Pour Taproom

This week we talk to Nate Tomforde the owner of Pour Taproom. Nate started Pour in 2014 and his entreprenial spirit made Pour the first of its kind in the country. Using a mix of familiar taproom style atmosphere and new technology, Pour Taproom offers a unique experience for beer enthusiasts. With over 48 types […]